About IS-EM Construction

IS-EM Construction is a modern and ambitious contracting- and construction company from Amsterdam

Our main goal is to provide quality work with a luxurious finish. The complete package. We have an eye for detail, know what to recommend for your project and find it important that you get your money’s worth. In both the short and long term.

From the planning stages to finishing touches, from the foundation to the roof, inside and out, we take care of installations (gas, water and electricity), painting and stuccowork, but we also finish your walls and floors with your material of choice. IS-EM Construction works with a vast network of professionals, all specialists with an eye for detail. Thanks to our services in different construction disciplines, IS-EM Construction is your sole contact for all the specialists working on your home, ensuring all the different modifications are coordinated perfectly. IS-EM Construction guarantees top quality work. We can often start a project within as little as two weeks.

All the above makes us a company you can depend on. For both businesses and individuals in Amsterdam or elsewhere. This is how we build long term relationships.

Curious about what we can do for you?